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Solar Street Lights

SinoStar is a China Solar Street Light Manufacturer with 22 years of solar light production, OEM and ODM

SinoStar smart solar LED street light is the most advanced form of solar roadway lighting available, integrating a lithium battery and advanced intelligent MPPT solar controller into the light head that can provide up to 16000 lumens and 24 hours of battery backup in a completely automated operation. High Power Solar LED Street series all in two solar LED street lights by SinoStar was developed after the huge success of our 4G smart light on the same principle and technology, which was designed for higher lighting requirements. The light has a much better lighting performance with a longer battery backup than regular all-in-one solar lights.

Our solar street lights feature the following:

  • Industry-leading ultra-thin worldwide patented ACD12# aluminum die-casted housing

  • Optimal Unique Shape with Elegant AkzoNobel Powder Coating Finish

  • Built only with world-famous LED chips, like original Philips Lumileds, BridgeLux

  • Maximum High Lumen Efficacy up to 170Lm/W

  • 5 years warranty with EV class batteries, like Panasonic, BYD, etc.

  • Fast-charging and high conversion efficient 21.8% Solar Panel panels

  • Real IP65 Structured Unibody with PC Optical Lens.

  • At an unbelievable and unbeatable price guaranteed!

Solar Street Lights TR-HM

All in one design, 200W, 300W, 500W

Solar Street Lights TR-RX

All in two design, 100W, 150W, 200W

Solar Street Lights TR01-E

All in two design, 150W

Solar Street Lights TRS01

All in one design, 100W, 150W, 200W