Infrared Thermometer

be ready socialSinoStar is a lighting company in China since 2000, 90% of our products are being exported to worldwide markets.

As Novel Corona Virus 2019 (COVID-19) broke out firstly in China now worldwide, we have been working with our suppliers to supply urgently needed basic medical supply, like Disposable 3-layer Surgical Face Mask, Medical Surgical N95 Face Mask and Non Contact Infrared Thermometer, to help our customers' company staff, their friends, and all the needed people and oranazation to protect themselves from being infected.

We supply all these basic medical use at low prices, we just add 3% to purchase, pack and oragize to ship to our customers. As current increasing cost of material, these basic medical supply's price is 5-10 times higher than normal days, but we will try to negoicate a lower price for large quantity at this speical moment of world epicmetic moment of COVID-19.



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