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Aging Production Line Auto Soldering Paste Printer
CNC Center Vibration Testing Machine
Luminous Flux Testing Electric Parameter Testing
IP65 and IP 67 Rating Testing Chamber Lighting Curve and Distribution Testing
Reflow Oven Production Line Salt Sparying Testing 
SMT Mounters High and Low Temperature Testing
You can visit our factories at any time during a year.  
There are majorly four routes you can follow to visit us:
A: From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport,  you can take airport shuffle bus to Foshan airport shuffle bus station, it takes 40-50 minutes, we can pick you up at the shuffle station.
B: If you are in Guangzhou, you can take taxi or bus to our factory , from Guangzhou downtown area to our factory, it would takes 30-40 minutes  If you take bus from Guangzhou to Foshan Hongyun bus station, we can the arrange to pick you up when you arrived.
C: Departing from Hong Kong, you can take direct bus to major Foshan hotels, just let us know the name of  hotel your bus will arrive in, we can pick you up at that hotel.
D: Taking car or taxi from any place near to Foshan could be the most convenient way to visit us,  please call us ahead so that we can give a right direction to your drivers.
If you are not sure which is the best way to come to visit us, please kindly contact us our sales team at sales @ sinostarled.com or call us anytime.